A seamless path between your On-Line student experience and their class room Experience

Suitable for Key Student Service Areas and Student Access Control and Measurement

Find Out How

Students do everything online these days

Making appointments for key student services reduces wait times and improves staff productivity. Know when students arrive and attend classes, identify students and their location, and track non student access to your facilities.

Just What You Need

Want just what you need? Get CXM as a Service and let us worry about the technology stack. Or if you like being in full control, purchase and host on your own servers.

Leave Room To Grow

Start with the service area you need, even just one, and when your demand outgrows it, add more later without ever missing a customer.

Benefits of CXM

Wait Times

Improve Student Access

Improve Staff Productivity

Improve Student Experience

Starting at $2/Day, CXM is Your Solution

Remote Check-In

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