Safe queuing in public and government offices

Low-touch, socially distanced queuing

Instant mobile Queue Management Package


Safer queuing

with virtual solution

Mobile Ticket

Let customers wait anywhere with mobile Ticket

Empower end-customers by allowing them to queue virtually using their phone, eliminating the pain of waiting CXM's
mobile ticket solution enables customers to get in line before arriving at the branch/store. It also allows customer at the
location to select a mobile ticket, giving them the flexibility to wiat where ever they desire while still being able to monitor their place in line.

Anyone with a smartphone and a web browser can assess the mobile ticket - there is no need to download yet another app. If you are looking for a ticketless system this is the ultimate solution!

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Appointment Management

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CXM Solutions Appointment Management provides the means to interact with citizens before they physically visit the branch or to set up virtual meetings via Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc. by allowing them to book appointments online before arrival.
Key Benefits:
Improved customer experience in part due to mobile empowerment
Improved service because the staff is better prepared before the meeting.

Virtual Meetings

What We Do

  • Provide all necessary information at the employees’ fingertips
  • Guide/call customers to setup virtual meetings using Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc.
  • Measure service levels
  • Set alarms and alerts when service levels are exceeded

Face-to-Face Meetings

What We Do

  • Provide necessary information to the employees
  • Guide/call customers
  • Transfer customers
  • Measure service levels
  • Set alarms and alerts for exceeded service levels

The Value

  • Manage customer flow
  • Control calling sequence
  • Prepare staff
  • Increase processing capacity
  • Provide profiles of customers’ services and needs, and plot trends in service requests
  • Match staff skills and customer needs
  • Empower your employees with Mobile Connect
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Choosing a customer journey management solution for government agencies

There a lot of things to consider before inverting in a customer journey management solution, but how do you make sure it ticks all the boxes and fulfills your organizations needs?

Download this guide to learn about what to consider and how to choose a solution that fits you.