What We Do

Maximizing face-to-face customer touch point opportunities.

CXM provides solutions that integrate the on-line world with the real world to provide a seamless customer experience for your clients. From managing the customer journey to collecting insights across a wide spectrum of customer interactions, CXM enables remarkable customer experiences resulting in brand loyalty and superior customer satisfaction. CXM provides industry leading solutions for the Finance, Retail, Healthcare, Public and Education sectors,


CXM Solutions is a provider of Qmatic customer experience solutions focused on the western USA states

​​Garry Hines, CEO, has been involved with Qmatic for over 13 years. He was the VP of Sales, responsible for a large territory – serving clients in 11 Western US states including California, Nevada, Arizona, Alaska and Hawaii.

He has designed and managed numerous customer flow management projects for the US Department of Defense, US Veterans Hospitals, State Civil Service offices, Motor Vehicle Departments, large Private Health Care groups, Federal and State Agencies, Retail Stores and Banks.
Garry has vast experience managing customer focused business enterprises. Projects have included hardware and software for customer flow and workforce management systems, telecommunications engineering and manufacturing companies, digital signage and national communication services organizations. Garry brings a focus on customer satisfaction to all his organizations and believes that to ensure success customer satisfaction should be the company’s primary driver.


Garry has held senior management roles with technology and service companies, such as Motorola, Telstra Australia, DBA Telcom Canada, and Stanilite Communications.

Special Skills 

Communicating the value technology can bring to potential users who may have business process issue but are unaware of the materials or techniques to solve those issues.

Experienced in senior client service roles and focused on delivering the highest levels of responsiveness and professionalism. Innovative product development experience to meet the ever changing needs of our customers to ensure products and services suit the customers’ needs.