Software and Hardware engineered to work together

With our Customer Experience Management Solutions, we help our clients engage and interact with their customers from the very first touch point.

We gather information around the customer journey and help create brand value from improved customer experiences.

By creating a seamless customer journey from online channels through to face-to-face meetings, we enhance the customer experience and strengthen our clients’ brands.



Embedded / No PC

De-Centralised / Local

Server or Cloud

Centralised / Enterprise


“People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware”

Orchestra Modules
Calendar Appointments
Staff Operational Panels
Digital Signage
Customer Feedback
Mobile Framework
SMS Alerts
Targeted Messaging
Business Intelligence
Orchestra Platform
Central Adminstration
Ecosystem Integration
Distributed Operations
Infrastructure Management
Customer Journey Management

We provide Customer Experience Management Solutions that maximize the face-to-face service opportunities and integrates the online and physical world in the Retail, Healthcare, Public and Finance sectors.


Customer Journey Technology



I am empowered

feeling that I am in control and have a choice of who I can see when I want to

I understand the process

feeling that I have not been forgotten; feeling that I am known and valued and treated fairly

I feel trust

feeling that I get to meet a skilled person that knows me and my needs

I am informed

feeling of where I am in the process and when I will be served. Helping med take informed decision.

I feel listened to

feeling that I can provide feedback – immediately. They listen to me.



» Guaranteed service times

» Allows for freedom and flexibility

» Reduced actual/perceived waiting times

» Improved customer experience


» Reduced stress levels

» Better communication with customers

» Improved productivity

» Quick access to customer history

» Automation of business rules

» Consistent service levels


» Increased throughput

» Real time information and alarms

» Optimize customer capacity

» Better manage workforce

» Manage peak hours

» Fraud prevention

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