Allow patients to check in before they leave home and reduce in-office wait times and crowded waiting rooms.

Long wait times and a chaotic process result in unhappy patients and staff, reduce productivity and increase operational costs.

Contrary to Popular Belief,

Finding ways to make best use of key resources to offer the best possible patient experience and meet targets is a top priority everywhere. From clinics, small and large medical centers to ERs, the challenge is the same.

Our Patient Experience Management solutions help you meet these challenges so that everybody benefits – staff and patients alike. Our solution improves efficiency and patient experience, increases staff satisfaction and uses MI to make operational improvements.


Safe queuing in healthcare

The current situation regarding COVID-19 pandemic poses challenges for all service providers. Healthcare institutions need to remain open and may have to deal with restrictions for a long time. How can hospitals and clinics ensure a safe patient journey and work environment for staff, and at the same time also strive to deliver excellent service and improve patient experience ?

With virtual queuing and appointment solutions it is possible to:

Manage patient flow

implement social distancing queuing for patients

minimize the risk of virus spread in your facilities

improve resource allocation and reduce staff stress level

Read this guide to learn more about virtual queuing solutions and applointments systems in healthcare.

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Patient Appointment Management

  • CXM Solutions Appointment Management improves both patient experience and staff efficiency.
    • Using our Appointment Management System, patient scheduling can be better managed by matching patient demand with available healthcare resources.
    • The results will be decreased patient wait times and greater visibility into required resources.
    • Using our Appointment Management makes it easier to treat walk-in patients when scheduled patients did not arrive promptly.
    • Your patient experience will be improved thanks to mobile empowerment.

Patient Flow Re-Imagined

How to keep patients moving

Healthcare facilities are often busy places. But if you adopt the right patient flow strategy, it's possible
to keep patients moving through the system, while providing a better patient experience and improving the overrall quality for everyone involved.

Download the checklist to see how you can achieve this