Let’s face it; for the majority of people, visiting a public service is a chore that has to be done, not an enjoyable task. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a vehicle licensing center, a tax office or anything else, providing service to citizens as quickly as possible is always a major target for public service, so they can go back to getting on with their day. But with these environments often being hectic, and funding being limited, it can be difficult for front-line staff to actively push for even faster service levels, keeping up is tough enough. But that’s not enough when demands are changing all the time.

In our recent survey of over 600 healthcare and public services decision makers across the globe, it was clear to see how big this problem is; 54% of people surveyed believed citizens are complaining more about waiting or queuing than just a year ago, while 50% say they’re struggling to keep up with changing technology.

Source: The Qmatic Blog